Rebirth Flower Essence
Rebirth Flower Essence
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Rebirth Flower Essence

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Rebirth Essence is perfect for those who are rediscovering themselves. This can look like coming into motherhood or parenthood, traveling through one's saturn return, graduating a program, starting a new life path, moving, or starting or ending a relationship.

California poppy is specifically indicated for birth trauma, whether that is the trauma of giving birth or being born. This essence also supports those who have experienced loss, whether it is a physical or metaphorical loss- a loss of a dream, a loss of a lifestyle, a loss of an idea or a vision. California poppy helps restore balance in this uncertain and challenging time. Pink lady slipper essence pairs perfectly, helping you rediscover your calling in life.

No lady slippers were harmed in the making of this essence.

Flower essences are safe for babies and children.

California poppy flower essence, pink lady slipper flower essence, spring water, brandy

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