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Meet Our Herbalist, Saralyn Bellmer

Our Herbalist

Meet the Herbalist Saralyn Bellmer, Founder of Heilbron Herbs

Western North Carolina herbalist at farm with herbs.

Heilbron Herbs was founded and is run by Saralyn Bellmer, or Sari, a Western North Carolina resident and lifetime lover of plants. Saralyn graduated from Warren Wilson College and worked in natural resource management and sustainable agriculture for many years before founding Heilbron Herbs in 2018 in a 40’ shipping container. There, she created a space for drying herbs for small farms growing herbs for other businesses, tea companies, herbal lines, and soap makers.

When it became clear that she would need to scale up her business, she began doing what she does now: working with those same farms to source fresh herbs, then making products out of those plants that are fresh, sustainable, and effective. Heilbron Herbs, the business as we know it today, was born.

Read Saralyn’s Interview, “Chronic Nervous System Disruption & Herbal Management” »


“Plants have always felt so easy for me to understand and so full of joy, comfort and possibility.”

Her mission

Saralyn is committed to keeping Heilbron Herbs small, as the products will always be hand-extracted, pressed, and blended herbal products in small batches. Products are carefully sourced from U.S. farms, many of which are freshly grown right down the road from the studio where they are crafted and bottled.

Hand picking rose to create tinctures by Asheville herbalist

“I still find the magnetism of plants – by way of their colors, aroma, texture, flavor, habits and unique personalities - to be the most compelling guide in my adult life.”

Recognition and Awards

In the Media

“With enough homework, a person can notice patterns and devise a protocol for themselves too - even just making a commitment to noticing how and when symptoms display can be helpful in getting a better understanding of what’s going on and how the body is connected.”

Our Products

Saralyn is the herbalist behind the full suite of Heilbron Herbs’ tinctures, teas, skincare products, and supplements.

Tinctures formulated by Heilbron Herbs founder Saralyn Bellmer

Herbal tinctures & supplements

Ashwagandha Powder

Big Hug

Brain Wave

Breathe - Strong Lung Syrup

Digestive Bitters

Elderberry Double Extract

Elderberry Syrup

Milky Oats

Reishi Mushroom Tincture

Resilience Formula

Sleep Tincture

Soothe Yourself

Turmeric Extract


Color Therapy Tea

Helios Tea

Herbal Tea Gift Set

Hyssop Mint Tea

Tulsi Trinity Tea

Village Tea Mineral Infusion

Skincare products

Body Oil


Face Mist

Face Oil

“I’ve been curious about plants and how they can help us since I was a child - maybe since before I can remember. My mom always tells the story of noticing her six-month-old baby sitting in the grass quietly rubbing plantain leaf (a weedy lawn-loving perennial) on eczema covered skin, later to find out that plantain is a primary skin-healing herb. I still find the magnetism of plants – by way of their colors, aroma, texture, flavor, habits and unique personalities - to be the most compelling guide in my adult life.”


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