North Carolina Medicinal Herbs and Botanicals

Responsibly grown and wildcrafted herbs

Heilbron Herbs is a North Carolina based herb farm and brand sourcing sustainably produced medicinal herbs from regional growers.

Heilbron Herbs offers carefully tended, responsibly farmed and wild-harvested medicinal herbs, grown and collected by our own farm and a small handful of growers outside of Asheville, North Carolina. We meticulously dry and process the plants in our state of the art drying facility: The care given to the plants is visually apparent in the dried product, the smell and flavor fresh and vibrant, the liveliness of the plant upheld in every flower, leaf, and root.

We are committed to:

Supplying a premium product.

Protecting North American native medicinal plants and their ecosystems while simultaneously securing future supply through careful cultivation.   

Supporting and facilitating the growth of a sustainable American herb industry.

We accomplish our mission by filling a gap in the supply chain, reducing the infrastructure demand on our farmers, sourcing only the highest quality American grown herbs, and connecting growers to herbal manufacturers and consumers alike. 


Have you any questions, please write our founder at
We love to hear from customers, potential collaborators, stockists, farmers, herbalists and anyone else who finds our work hopeful or exciting.