Thoughtfully sourced from small US farms and carefully crafted in Southern Appalachia

Heilbron Herbs is a small brand making botanical products in Western North Carolina. Our guiding star is true care for ourselves, each other, and the planet we live on. When it comes to the manufacture of our products, this means we do things the old way, working with fresh plants largely from farmers down the road - and entirely in the US - slowly extracting them in our own lab, pressing and blending by hand, season by season.

Our founder is a lifelong student of herbalism, and we draw upon the thousands of years of knowledge compiled by healers around the world, coupled with the findings of science, to make beautiful, contemporary products that amplify the body’s own ability to be radiant and well.

Based in Western North Carolina, near Asheville, our products are made of carefully tended, responsibly farmed and wild harvested medicinal herbs, grown and collected primarily by a small handful of growers in this area. We are one of the few brands using botanicals entirely grown in the US by small farms. Because we work directly with farmers, we have a close relationship with the plants we use and are able to watch them through their lifecycle. We have control over so much more than we would if we were working with imported plants, while supporting small farms and ensuring that the liveliness of each flower, leaf and root is upheld in everything we create.

A note from our Founder:

I’ve been curious about plants and how they can help us since I was a child - maybe since before I can remember. My mom always tells the story of noticing her six-month-old baby sitting in the grass quietly rubbing plantain leaf (a weedy lawn-loving perennial) on eczema covered skin, later to find out that plantain is a primary skin-healing herb. I still find the magnetism of plants – by way of their colors, aroma, texture, flavor, habits and unique personalities - to be the most compelling guide in my adult life.

Which is why we are very careful about preserving our plants just right, because they deserve it, and so do you. When we tincture our herbs, we almost always use fresh plants straight from harvest, because we believe the vitality and vibrancy of the living plants are preserved in in the extract itself. 

Heilbron is a family name, belonging to my grandmother Adele’s natal family, who immigrated from Germany to Sacramento, California in the 1830s. Etymologically, Heilbron means “healing well” or “good source”.  My grandmother was in many ways like a sister to me and was one of the earliest people who nurtured my love of plants by introducing me to so many in the Sierras. 

Today, our network of farms in North Carolina and around the US is growing, and we feel so lucky to be working closely with farmers who are exploring the best ways to tend the earth and grow beautiful plants through careful cultivation and regenerative practices. We are proud to be a part of a movement seeking quality through ethical production, systematically prioritizing care and respect for our planet and all its people.  

-Saralyn Bellmer, founder 

Have you any questions, please write to hello@heilbronherbs.com.
We love to hear from customers, potential collaborators, stockists, farmers, herbalists and anyone else who finds our work hopeful or exciting.