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Herbs for Stress


Herbs for Stress

Herbs for Stress

Nervines, adaptogens, and nootropics: tools to repair, enrich and build resilience through the ups and downs of life

Passionflower Nervine

A nourished nervous system and a balanced stress response can go a long way in
this crazy world. Of course, herbs are never a substitute for good rest, nutritious food, movement, pleasure, laughter and supportive relationships - but they can build our resilience and be a balm for the times we just can’t help but be stretched a little thin. 


Nervine herbs support the nervous system. There are a range of nervines that serve different purposes, like herbs for relaxation and sleep, herbs to calm the mind in acutely stressful situations, and nervine tonics for longterm nervous system recovery - but all are calming herbs that work to improve the function of the nervous system and therefore support a healthy stress response.

Examples of nervine herbs

Milky Oat
Maypop / Passionflower
Lemon Balm 


Adaptogens are balancing herbs that build a non-specific resistance to stress and re-regulate adrenal, nervous, and immune system functions. Because of the wide range of adaptogen benefits, one might take adaptogenic herbs for hormone balance, chronic stress or fatigue, or to build long-term immune balance. There are warming and cooling,Reishi Mushroom Adaptogen calming and stimulating adaptogens, and those that have particular affinities with various body systems. As with any herb, the best adaptogen - or best adaptogen blend - depends on the individual, their constitution and their specific display of symptoms.

Examples of adaptogenic herbs 

Tulsi / Holy Basil

Why is Ginseng so Expensive?

American, Chinese, and Korean Ginsengs are highly valued plants and have been over harvested to near extinction in the wild. For ecological reasons, we do not ever recommend buying wild-harvested ginseng. There is a movement to cultivate ginseng but the quality depends somewhat on whether it is grown in a field under shade cloth or in the forest in a "wild-simulated" environment. We suggest turning first to more common and easily cultivatable adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Eleuthero, and Jaiogulan to achieve some of the same results that ginsengs offer. In cases where ginseng is the only herb that will do, we recommend looking for a seller or grower that offers Certified Forest Grown Ginseng!


Nootropics are cerebral tonics and help to enhance cognitive function. They promote mental clarity and concentration and can be mood-boosting and ease feelings of stress.

Ginkgo Nootropic

Examples of nootropic herbs

Gotu Kola
Lemon Balm
Green Tea
Lion’s Mane


Herbs for stress are our favorite group of herbs, and you can find nervines, adaptogens, and nootropics in nearly half our line. Which of these plants do you know and love? Or are there any you are curious to try?

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