Hydrosols: The Best Botanical Skin Toner and Hydrating Facial Mist

What is a Hydrosol?

Rose hydrosol distillation
Also known as floral waters, hydrosols are made out of plants (ideally fresh plants rather than dried) via a process of hydro-distillation - the same way essential oils are made. Steam is directed through plants material and the leaves, flowers, bark or roots release volatile compounds, which are then condensed back into a liquid state. The distillate includes very small quantities of essential oils but also water-soluble constituents that are not present in essential oil. Hydrosols are not just water with the addition of essential oil, despite the fact hat some brands sell this as such. A hydrosol is an encapsulation of the actual cellular waters of the plant! It is truly special.

How Do You Use a Hydrosol?

Yarrow hydrosol blue essential oil

We love using a hydrosol as a skin-toner and hydrating facial mist. Beyond the benefits specific to each plant, hydrosols are naturally pH acidic, which balances our skin's natural barrier, or "acid mantle". A true floral water offers the skin enriched hydration, which the skin needs to stay plump, elastic, and healthy - our bodies are, after all, largely water. When used together with a face oil, the hydrosol softens and prepares the skin to allow the oils to sink in deeply rather than stay floating on the surface. This is especially important for those who feel that face oils make their skin too oily.

To use, simply mist clean skin before applying an oil-based moisturizer. Or, apply a few spritzes to refresh the skin during the day. Breathe deeply and enjoy the therapeutic scent! 

Find our seasonally rotating, artisanally distilled hydrosols here.

Rose and yarrow distillations photographed by our distillers Rebecca Vann and Julie Douglas


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