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Elderberry herbal gummies recipe


Herbal Gummies Recipe

Herbal Gummies Recipe

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Homemade elderberry gummies are an easy treat and a great way to support your immune system. Make them with just with elderberry syrup or use them as a delicious vehicle to hide other herbs for kids. Loved by children and adults alike!

Use elderberry syrup, any fruit juice you like (tart citrus juice works really well), gelatin powder (my favorite is here) - or agar agar for vegan gummies - and whatever daily tincture you’re trying to incorporate into your routine. I used Reishi Extract for its immune balancing effects but one could use Big Hug to make mood booster gummies, Turmeric Extract for healthy inflammatory support, Brain Wave for brain fog, or any of our calming nervous system supplements like Milky Oats, Resilience Formula, or Soothe Yourself. Don't be afraid to combine multiple formulas from our line (though please note this may not apply to herbal formulas from other manufacturers). 

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Homemade Elderberry Gummy Recipe

Servings: about 16 gummies
Serving Size: 2 Gummies

1/2 c water
2.5 Tbsp grass-fed gelatin powder OR  3 Tbsp agar agar for vegan gummies
1/2 c fruit juice (without pulp will make a more uniform gummy)
2 Tbs tincture or about 15-20 doses
1/2 c Elderberry Syrup


1. Add the gelatin powder or agar agar and the water to a sauce pan over low/medium heat and whisk until entirely dissolved.

2. Turn the heat off and little by little add the fruit juice to the saucepan to temper the gelatin. 

3. Proceed by adding the tincture and elderberry syrup to the mixture.

4. Pour into a flat bottomed dish, ice cube trays, or candy moulds and place in the fridge for about an hour or until cool and the consistency has gelled.

5. When completely set up, remove the contents from the dish and cut into about 16 pieces, or simply pop the gummies out of the mold. 

Store in the fridge in a covered container for up to two weeks.

For a functional dose, recipe should be divided into about 16 gummies and one should take two gummies per serving, or equivalent if your candy moulds are smaller or larger.

You can view a video with audio instructions to this recipe here.

Please note that Elderberry Syrup should not be given to children under the age of one due to its raw honey content.

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Heilbron Herbs

Hi L, this certainly could work with powders but make sure to check whether the herb you are using needs to be extracted before consuming. In the case of Reishi, you would want to make an extract before consuming (like simmering it in liquid for a few hours) – unless the powder is already a powdered extract! The powdered reishi itself will not be very absorbable in its raw form.


Does this work with powdered reishi too?

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